Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New home!

Goodbye old blog! I'll miss you. This blogs not really going anywhere, the posts have just got a new home!
Go on to for my "new" blog :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

blog being a brat

noooooo blog, why are you doing this to me! I'm having a few issues with the layout and fonts, etc. Don't make me angry, blog, I'll hurt you..


Yewww happy to be on board with Vonzipper sunnies! So excited! :)

KZN Young Achiever Awards

I was recently nominated for the KZN young achiever awards. I won the young achiever award for the sporting category. Yay happyyy! :) Chad came with me, and I'm so happy he did. There was a bit of a delay before the awards evening started, so we all sat outside the Durban City Hall for a bit. That building is beautiful, I'm embarrassed to say that its the first time I've seen it! It was a good night once it got going, I met some really nice people, I won a trophy that looks like an abstract piece of art and the entertainment was good too! I'll hopefully have a few photo's from the night soon! 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Tetris saves the world

I feel like I've spent the last week acting like a 5 year old and using boards as colouring books. I think I might have to start renting my Posca pens soon...
Tetris taking over - My pretty new toy

Marcus' mexican Star Wars (I wish I was the genius who created them, but I'm not. I just stole them)

Rudy's new boards

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Billabong S.A Champs - Kommetjie

Whyyy is Cape Town so cold! I'm sitting at home in durban now, and its 25 degrees and I'm getting cold just thinking about it. haha.
I made my way back to the Cape Town side of the world for the second time this month. I stayed with my wonderful little friends, Tarryn and Cameron in their cute little flat in town.

Tarryn and Heidi make cookies (Heidi burns them).
We found out at the opening function that the girls won't be surfing until Friday.

Went to long beach with Nikita and Tarryn to support our teams. KZN yeeewww.

Coldest, windiest, rainiest (I'm making up words, it was that bad) day of the year - of course the girls are surfing. haha. The water at Long Beach was warmer than the air, so I didn't mind getting into my wetsuit too much.. Surfed a few heats at small long beach, and made it into semis :)

The sun came out, yaay! ha. I sat on the beach for most of the day, taking advantage of the fact that I only had to wear one jacket for a change. ha. I didn't have to surf any heats so I watched the KZN boys surf, and then watched a pretty sunset before I made my way to Fishermans with a few people to watch some old family garage band sing cover songs. I enjoyed it, I think.

Tarryn and I made out way to Misty Cliffs for the contest because Long Beach wasn't breaking. I was nervous to surf my heat because I had a pretty hard heat with Tanika and Holly, and Misty's was looking a bit scary. ha. The waves turned out to be pretty fun, and the water was warm! I got a few decent waves and came 2nd and made it to the finals. Jeeees, the final was one of the most intense finals I've surfed in a long time. It was so close but I was lucky enough to get a few fun ones and I won the u20 girls! Yeeewww, Happy happy female. Its my first S.A title ever :) Sat on the  beach and watched a few more heats and Tarryn's final before we went to Fishermans for prize giving. Ooooh and KZN came 2nd overall. Western Province is still yet to lose at home. gah. One day. hahah.

Back home to sunshine, warm water and a pretty new board to draw on!

I made the mistake again of not taking my camera to the beach. ha. ooops. So here's some more stolen photo's:
Opening function

Long Beach before my first heat. ( Pic: Chris Bond)

Long Beach, freeezing. O'Neill fluffies saving me! (Pic: AVG)

Tank and Haaagie (Pic: Mercia)

Tarryn and I overheating at Sea Point. (Pic: Tarryn)
Before the u20 final. Me, Nikita, Emma
u20 Ladies Final ( Pic: Julie De Vries)

Weeners! Me, Nikita, Mikey, Casey
Happyyyy (Pic: Chris Bond)

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Home again! I love this place :)
Happy to be home, not so happy with the huge list of things I have to get done! I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be busy ones...Oooh but I have a new board coming which is going to be beeeautiful, and Rudy is back for a month, yeeww! :)
Anyway, here's a random photo. This is supposed to be a photoblog. haha. Stop typing.
This jumped on me at Scottburgh. Not impressed. haha.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Bloodscan contest - Jbay

 I flew to P.E the day after my real birthday to surf the Bloodscan/Industry Cup event in Jbay. It was my first contest of the year so I was really excited but nervous at the same time. We didn't get any good waves for the contest - actually the waves were non-existent, ha. Despite the tiny waves everyone was surfing really well. I had Tanika and Holly in most of my heats throughout the event. I made it to the u20 girls final with Tanika Hoffman, Emma Smith and Gina Smith. I got a 2nd and I'm happy, it's a cool way to end off my birthmonth celebrations :) Well done to Tank for winning! :) Thanks to Bloodscan for such a cool event. I hope theres another one next year! It was also nice seeing and hanging out with my friends that I don't see too often except for at contests.

I decided to go to Cape Town for a few days after Jbay. I did a mini roadtrip back to CT with Chris Bond and Ashley. I didn't get to surf too often, the waves were pretty terrible expect for my one surf at Dunes with Mikey Feb, Josh Salie and Mr Bond. I had a cool time in CT, I acted like a tourist a few times. I'm going back again soon for S.A senior champs! Hopefully theres actual waves! hah :)

I wish I took more photo's in Jbay, but anyway here's a few photo's - Some are mine, some I stole:
Me, Tank, Emma and Gina. (Stolen off Tanks Blog)
Huge waves at point

Kane and the other durban humans

After our first heat.

Chillinggggg. (Stolen from Tarryn)
Watching a band at the Mexican after the contest.
Chris and Ashley. Roadworks are fun. haha.

Our country is prettyyyy.
Old Mac Daddy farm.

The first time I've ever seen an apple tree in real life. These tasted amaaazing! 
Muizenberg at night

Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's my biiirthdaaayyy!

Last year for my 18th I celebrated my birthday over a birthweek. This year I upgraded that to a birthmonth. Splashy Fen, Scarfini Pro, cool concerts, bluff braais - I've had so many amazing days with my family and friends. Thanks everyone! :)
Going to Jbay in a few days for the Bloodscan contest! :)
Splashy Fen 
iiiit's mahh birthdaaayyy!
Amazing humans!
Chilling at Anstey's with Mia after a fun surf.
Splashy Fen 
Tam, Me, Cayleigh
Instant crowd surf at Anstey's!
Trying to surf at Splashy. hahah

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scarfini Pro 2012

A mixture of tension and excitement has been building up for weeks awaiting the 7* Scarfini Pro contest on the Bluff, with some of the worlds top athletes competing for the title of the Scarfini Pro Champion.This is a mobile event, so weather depending, it takes place at the either Anstey's Beach or the Scarfini Household. The event contains a mixture of dressing up, playing weird drinking games, doing some form of olympic aqua aerobics, trying our best not to drown when we "surf", traumatising every single other person on the beach with our ridiculous antics, and then a whole bunch of other disgustingly beautiful chaotic moments. We were all winners in our hearts.
Group photo

Before we got kicked off the beach

Chris training hard

Wade doing the opposite of training hard

Jay and Mark warming up

The start of the aqua-aerobic olympics
I won
Group photo, round 2

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lazy daze

I'm in Hawaii. Do I want to update my blog? Yes. Do I want all the patience in the world to be able to sit down and type out 2 months of traveling instead of go play outside on the beach? Yessss. But the beach sounds prettier..

Monday, January 16, 2012

Harro and Aloha!

Okay, I should get an award for worst blogger ever...
I can't even come up with a valid excuse for why I never update this thing. haha.

I'm in Hawaii right now, and it's beeeautiful! I'm here for the next month, so hopefully I'll find time in the next few days to update this poor little blog and throw on some photos of the last month in California :) 

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

copaaa copaaa cabanaaaa

Rio, I LOVE YOU. You are amazing!

I've only been here for 2 days, but i'm in love with this place. I wish I was a gazillionaire so I could come here on holiday every 2 months. Everything is so colourful, and there's so many people - not in a overly crowded way, but more of a festive way with so much movement everywhere. This place is beeeautiful.
Here's just a few photo's from day 1. Rug and I just cruised around for most of the day, and had a little surf too. Ohh my word and I witnessed the most amazing sunset I've ever ever seen! Okkk no more typing, you can just see photos :)

 Contest site.

 cruising around.

 ha, this was so fun to watch.

 There are so many of these little beach bars - they're everywhere!

 Favela's just up the road.

 Pina colada's at copacobanaaaa!
 Sugarloaf mountain in the background - I want to go there sometime this week :) I got told that I can't leave without going up there.

 walking back to our hotel.

 The start of a beautiful sunset.
 Rudy's holding a drawing that some random guy did of us while we were at the beach bar. His drawings are so good, and he does them in like 5 minutes.

 My favourite!

 I fell in love.

 Our hotel room.

 The best police station ever. ha

 I can't get over the pavements/floors in this place. Pretty much every road in Rio is made up of these mosaics. It must've taken forrreeevverrr!

My first time having Acai :)

oooh and here's a pretty video too:

Ok so that was day 1 and 2, I'll try update this blog everyday, but I'm a little bit backwards. My photo's usually go on facebook before my blog, because its waay easier. I think I need to switch those around though.. oooh and here's a pretty video too

Yeowww, ok more photo's soon!