Saturday, April 21, 2012

Scarfini Pro 2012

A mixture of tension and excitement has been building up for weeks awaiting the 7* Scarfini Pro contest on the Bluff, with some of the worlds top athletes competing for the title of the Scarfini Pro Champion.This is a mobile event, so weather depending, it takes place at the either Anstey's Beach or the Scarfini Household. The event contains a mixture of dressing up, playing weird drinking games, doing some form of olympic aqua aerobics, trying our best not to drown when we "surf", traumatising every single other person on the beach with our ridiculous antics, and then a whole bunch of other disgustingly beautiful chaotic moments. We were all winners in our hearts.
Group photo

Before we got kicked off the beach

Chris training hard

Wade doing the opposite of training hard

Jay and Mark warming up

The start of the aqua-aerobic olympics
I won
Group photo, round 2

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