Thursday, April 26, 2012

It's my biiirthdaaayyy!

Last year for my 18th I celebrated my birthday over a birthweek. This year I upgraded that to a birthmonth. Splashy Fen, Scarfini Pro, cool concerts, bluff braais - I've had so many amazing days with my family and friends. Thanks everyone! :)
Going to Jbay in a few days for the Bloodscan contest! :)
Splashy Fen 
iiiit's mahh birthdaaayyy!
Amazing humans!
Chilling at Anstey's with Mia after a fun surf.
Splashy Fen 
Tam, Me, Cayleigh
Instant crowd surf at Anstey's!
Trying to surf at Splashy. hahah

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