Monday, April 30, 2012

Bloodscan contest - Jbay

 I flew to P.E the day after my real birthday to surf the Bloodscan/Industry Cup event in Jbay. It was my first contest of the year so I was really excited but nervous at the same time. We didn't get any good waves for the contest - actually the waves were non-existent, ha. Despite the tiny waves everyone was surfing really well. I had Tanika and Holly in most of my heats throughout the event. I made it to the u20 girls final with Tanika Hoffman, Emma Smith and Gina Smith. I got a 2nd and I'm happy, it's a cool way to end off my birthmonth celebrations :) Well done to Tank for winning! :) Thanks to Bloodscan for such a cool event. I hope theres another one next year! It was also nice seeing and hanging out with my friends that I don't see too often except for at contests.

I decided to go to Cape Town for a few days after Jbay. I did a mini roadtrip back to CT with Chris Bond and Ashley. I didn't get to surf too often, the waves were pretty terrible expect for my one surf at Dunes with Mikey Feb, Josh Salie and Mr Bond. I had a cool time in CT, I acted like a tourist a few times. I'm going back again soon for S.A senior champs! Hopefully theres actual waves! hah :)

I wish I took more photo's in Jbay, but anyway here's a few photo's - Some are mine, some I stole:
Me, Tank, Emma and Gina. (Stolen off Tanks Blog)
Huge waves at point

Kane and the other durban humans

After our first heat.

Chillinggggg. (Stolen from Tarryn)
Watching a band at the Mexican after the contest.
Chris and Ashley. Roadworks are fun. haha.

Our country is prettyyyy.
Old Mac Daddy farm.

The first time I've ever seen an apple tree in real life. These tasted amaaazing! 
Muizenberg at night

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