Wednesday, October 19, 2011

copaaa copaaa cabanaaaa

Rio, I LOVE YOU. You are amazing!

I've only been here for 2 days, but i'm in love with this place. I wish I was a gazillionaire so I could come here on holiday every 2 months. Everything is so colourful, and there's so many people - not in a overly crowded way, but more of a festive way with so much movement everywhere. This place is beeeautiful.
Here's just a few photo's from day 1. Rug and I just cruised around for most of the day, and had a little surf too. Ohh my word and I witnessed the most amazing sunset I've ever ever seen! Okkk no more typing, you can just see photos :)

 Contest site.

 cruising around.

 ha, this was so fun to watch.

 There are so many of these little beach bars - they're everywhere!

 Favela's just up the road.

 Pina colada's at copacobanaaaa!
 Sugarloaf mountain in the background - I want to go there sometime this week :) I got told that I can't leave without going up there.

 walking back to our hotel.

 The start of a beautiful sunset.
 Rudy's holding a drawing that some random guy did of us while we were at the beach bar. His drawings are so good, and he does them in like 5 minutes.

 My favourite!

 I fell in love.

 Our hotel room.

 The best police station ever. ha

 I can't get over the pavements/floors in this place. Pretty much every road in Rio is made up of these mosaics. It must've taken forrreeevverrr!

My first time having Acai :)

oooh and here's a pretty video too:

Ok so that was day 1 and 2, I'll try update this blog everyday, but I'm a little bit backwards. My photo's usually go on facebook before my blog, because its waay easier. I think I need to switch those around though.. oooh and here's a pretty video too

Yeowww, ok more photo's soon!

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