Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Billabong S.A Champs - Kommetjie

Whyyy is Cape Town so cold! I'm sitting at home in durban now, and its 25 degrees and I'm getting cold just thinking about it. haha.
I made my way back to the Cape Town side of the world for the second time this month. I stayed with my wonderful little friends, Tarryn and Cameron in their cute little flat in town.

Tarryn and Heidi make cookies (Heidi burns them).
We found out at the opening function that the girls won't be surfing until Friday.

Went to long beach with Nikita and Tarryn to support our teams. KZN yeeewww.

Coldest, windiest, rainiest (I'm making up words, it was that bad) day of the year - of course the girls are surfing. haha. The water at Long Beach was warmer than the air, so I didn't mind getting into my wetsuit too much.. Surfed a few heats at small long beach, and made it into semis :)

The sun came out, yaay! ha. I sat on the beach for most of the day, taking advantage of the fact that I only had to wear one jacket for a change. ha. I didn't have to surf any heats so I watched the KZN boys surf, and then watched a pretty sunset before I made my way to Fishermans with a few people to watch some old family garage band sing cover songs. I enjoyed it, I think.

Tarryn and I made out way to Misty Cliffs for the contest because Long Beach wasn't breaking. I was nervous to surf my heat because I had a pretty hard heat with Tanika and Holly, and Misty's was looking a bit scary. ha. The waves turned out to be pretty fun, and the water was warm! I got a few decent waves and came 2nd and made it to the finals. Jeeees, the final was one of the most intense finals I've surfed in a long time. It was so close but I was lucky enough to get a few fun ones and I won the u20 girls! Yeeewww, Happy happy female. Its my first S.A title ever :) Sat on the  beach and watched a few more heats and Tarryn's final before we went to Fishermans for prize giving. Ooooh and KZN came 2nd overall. Western Province is still yet to lose at home. gah. One day. hahah.

Back home to sunshine, warm water and a pretty new board to draw on!

I made the mistake again of not taking my camera to the beach. ha. ooops. So here's some more stolen photo's:
Opening function

Long Beach before my first heat. ( Pic: Chris Bond)

Long Beach, freeezing. O'Neill fluffies saving me! (Pic: AVG)

Tank and Haaagie (Pic: Mercia)

Tarryn and I overheating at Sea Point. (Pic: Tarryn)
Before the u20 final. Me, Nikita, Emma
u20 Ladies Final ( Pic: Julie De Vries)

Weeners! Me, Nikita, Mikey, Casey
Happyyyy (Pic: Chris Bond)

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