Thursday, April 28, 2011

FUNSUNZI - stupid word.

I'm dedicating this post to the wonderful spandex humans. You people really outdid yourselves with the suits! Like really outdid yourselves - seriously, good luck trying to top that. Its not going to happen.ha. Hiiiigh five!

This is not my photo. Don't sue me. Please.

My happy place.

I want to turn 18 again next year! I've had the most amazing couple of days!
After splashy I had a nice little chilled braai at my house with my friendies. Thanks people! I like you guys a lot! :)

I'm going to be "that person" now and talk about Splashy probably until next year. It changed my life once again.How can anyone not like that place? It's got grass, and a river, and music, and friends and tents and stuff! Its wonderful! LOVE IT. Met some new people, saw some ridiculous things...I wish I took more photos ; I wasn't brave enough to take my camera out of the campsite, so it just lived in the car the whole time.

So things were all going well and I was such a happy kid until I realised that I have to pitch my tent at some stage.
Next year I'm going to take one of those convenient pop up tents which aren't so convenient when you have to fold it back up.

Very early drive!

Nearly there!

I cant really sit here for 4 years and type out everything that happened; there was too much going on, but everyday pretty much looked like this:

Wake up at a ridiculous hour in the cold. Chill in the campsite and get smoked out by our fire till the sun comes to play. Make our way to the river with our inflatables. Try not to fall down the hill. Try not to fall in the river. Laugh at people falling in the river. Fall in the river and freeze. Sit there for hours and get festive. Make our way up the verrrry long hill. Go watch some good bands. Get smoked out by the fire in our campsite again. Put on 6 layers of clothing. Go watch more good bands. Play in the beer tent. Observe the silliness. Get involved in it. Sleep. Start again.

Step 1.
step 11.

I watched a man stab himself in the shoulder with a broken bottle.
He was in our campsite for some reason, and started joking with his friend about wanting to fight people or something so then he just broke a bottle and asked his friend to stab him. His friend kindly declined the offer, so he stabbed himself.

This is Mark.
He slept like this for 36 hours.
He ended up in our campsite for 5 hours playing his very out of tune guitar and licking his harmonica.
I don't know how he even survived the weekend - we convinced him it was Tuesday and that Splashy was over, and he just kept saying how good his weekend must have been. haha. But he was entertaining and I'm quite sure he needs new organs now.

Tam and I

 Mark's Gweetar.
Mmmmmmkay. So it was good. That's all.

Thanks for reading my ramblings.

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