Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An all-over-the-place post...

Lone Ranger...

The traffic department place is a funny thing; I watched a lady today drive herself, as in she was in a car, by herself, to the licensing department to apply for her driver's license - How does that work? 
Oh and there are such lovely people working there! They always say please, and thank you, and they NEVER bark orders at you.I want to go there everyday; what a friendly bunch of humans they are...

I am officially a Learner driver now! Now I can put one of those hideous big "L" things on Rug's car. hahaha....I did my test in 15 minutes. AND I passed! :)

Today was a productive day - I got at least 2 things done off of my to-do list :) That may not sound like much, but it is when your list is on an A4 piece of paper, and every single line is something that needs to get done. and soon.


Flashy Spen in a few days! Yeow!

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