Friday, December 17, 2010

Moyo on the pier

Rudy, Dumi, Lolly, the Scarfini's and I decided to go to Moyo on the Pier last week. It's a very pretty place with a cool vibe, if you are willing to spend R16 on a tiny little can of coke. Ok, so it's expensive, but the cocktails are nice, and you're pretty much in the sea. 

We saw the most amazing sunset while we were there. Well, I didn't see the actual sun go down, but there were some weird colours in the sky. ha. It went from this dark blue/grey to an orange-pink type of thing! 
I'm not really into editing the colour of pictures, unless I'm making it black and white, so this is the real thing! 

We moved on to Cubana in florida road, very chilled, a lot cheaper, and good food and cocktails! We found a winner!

Going down the South Coast now for a contest. Woooo

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