Thursday, November 11, 2010

21 x 3 = 63

I've been wearing a few strange outfits lately, and getting even stranger looks from people who aren't sure what's really going on.
I actually quite enjoy it. Maybe I'll make it a permanent thing.
I went to three 21st's within 3 weeks. Cayleigh Dingley, Chad Schwab, and Kyle Lane all turned 21 in October, and were kind enough to let everyone get together and get festive.
Things got messy at these gatherings. Things got lost and broken, people got hurt, and it was just great.

I turned myself into Pinnochio for a night for Cayleigh's 21st. It was a disney theme. Amazing night with amazing people!

Kyle's was a night of sombrero's and mustangs. I was rather upset that I only found out the theme after I had just shaved off my handlebars.

For my friend/brother-type-thing Chad's party, you had to just wear anything to do with Halloween. All I've ever wanted in life was a mohawk. I tried to make one that night.. It came out looking more like a shark-fin, but I was still happy. I don't know what you would call my outfit/character. A lesbian goth rocker from Russia?? maybe not.. Anyway, there were some very creative outfits floating around that night.I think Chad's looked really cool though. He had his make-up done by a girl called Tammy (she's the one with the same kind of make-up) and it looked amaaaaazing.

Soooo that's it really.
Once again, the rest of the pictures are on facebook. But you might know already this because I think the only people who see this are only a few of my facebook friends.
looooooser child! :)


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