Friday, July 9, 2010

It's only embarrassing if you care what people think

I just found the CD that my forehead caught so nicely in the crowd at Splashy Fen. They threw them out from the stage and it collided with my forehead and bounced off onto the floor. Some guy thought he was clever and would take it. Lets get serial guy - I (accidentally) sacrificed my forehead for that cd, so I’m sorry I tackled you. I win. The band is called Good Luck. They're quite cool. Sound a bit like Goldfish. I wrote the next part yesterday. It might all be mixed up. Have fun trying to make sense of that.

I’m playing in Jbay right now. Listening to music and trying to fix photos,sitting on a balcony watching someone, who I think might be Taj, paddle out at Supers. I would be sure of who it is if I didn't have the eyes of a 64 year old.I almost thought there would be waves today. Been hanging out with Tanika and the surf unit people. 

They’re driving from Port St Johns tomorrow. After the house was demolished, they all got in this beautiful contraption and headed down to jbay. 

Heidi is currently in J bay.


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