Thursday, July 8, 2010

I do my own stunts

They’re filming Blue Crush 2 in South Africa 
which is very cool. 
I like my country.
I like that other people like it too. 

They built an amazing beach house on Glenmore beach. I would’ve lived in it. But it didn’t have a bathroom or kitchen, but thats not important.We had to get some death-menthol stuff put in our eyeballs to make us cry while they demolished it.They didn’t even film us crying and so my eyes nearly fell out their sockets from that stuff for nothing.
demolishing the beach house
Mountain Girl is a glorified extra.I don’t say anything.I just surf, and be a running blur in the background with the rest of the Surf Family, who could possibly be the best humans I’ve ever met. 

I knew some of them already and I met some new friendies in the cast and crew. All these people are quite wonderful. Got so many good memories from just 2 weeks. 

I can’t actually write everything in here – there’s way too much and I’m way too lazy. But a lot of random things went down.

I've put lot's of pictures on, so click on them and make up your own story. :)

But I've got this idea that I might start updating this more often so I don’t have to write essays for one post...

...Because I’ve realised now that once I type more than 3 sentences nothing makes sense to anyone else except me.

(JEWTOPIA - Best sandcastle ever built)


(Booze Cruise on Rooster's Barge somewhere in Port Shepstone)

Watching Soccer and having little dinner parties in H4. James, Kei, and Tyrones flat. They were nice enough to let it be our little gathering spot. It was the only flat with a functional kitchen that had more than just a microwave, 2 cups and a spoon.

(Sally Can’t Surf. Fun nights at this place!)

Base Camp in Glenmore. This is the trailer that I shared with Tarryn, Roxy, Morag, Danielle, Suthu and Katharina. 7 people in one trailer.yeeeeeew.
Most of the Surf Family got some very weird names for this movie...

Electric Banana, Wharf Rat, Acapulco Goldie, Mountain Girl, Sugaree, Chewbacca, Hemp, Tripper, Surf Jew, Starfish...hmm

I miss these humans.
Ok I’m bored of writing now.

Kick the sand.
I’m out.

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