Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Carrie-Lee and Michael's Wedding

A few very delayed photos.
I just typed out a very long post, and somehow lost it. Dang.

Carrie-Lee and Michael's Wedding: 30/07/2011:

What an amazing day! They had their wedding at Umtamvuna River Lodge on a little beach. It had been raining for a few days before, so I'm so glad the sun came out for their special day. Carrie-lee handmade most of the decorations, and everything was just beautiful! The food was good, the venue looked amazing, and the people were average... haaaha I'm funny. No I'm not. :) Anyway, I could sit here and type forever about how much fun it was, etc. but I think you can just look at a few of the photo's instead. I couldn't take too many, but here's a couple...

 Jane, Michael's sister
 Pretty ladies: Cayleigh, Tam, and Megan
 The bride
 Susan, Jane,and Jodie

 Proud daddy :)
 Tam and I

 Carrie-Lee and Aunty Sharon
 The most beautiful wedding dress I've seen.

 Ty :)
 Carrie-Lee's handmade decorations
 Tam and I being silly.

 Elle, Cayleigh, and Megan

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