Saturday, April 9, 2011

Making my brain bigger

Today is an amazing day! The sun finally came to play after being overcast for what felt like years, and also some fun looking waves at Anstey's! I like this place :)

Hokaaay, so back to making my brain bigger...

It's amazing how much you can learn just from talking to someone for a while...I was speaking to Chris Van Lennep yesterday morning and it fascinates me how much this man knows. Of course this would come naturally from being a photographer for so many years, but its cool to see that he's still so passionate about taking photos and surfing and everything really. ha. I could probably go on about how much I learnt,  but I'm not going to because that would end up being verrrrry long post... :)

Okkkk I'm going to go play in the sun now.

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