Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's my Birthweek, I can have 3 parties if I want to!


Thats a good date. Remember it.haha

The Billabong Junior contest was on during my Birthday, which was cool because I got to see Tarryn and Morag who came up from Cape Town for the contest.
(I think they lied and actually just came for my birthday. haha)

Well, I didn't do very well in the contest.
At All. Which sucked.
But that was about the worst thing to happen on my birthday.

The rest of it was just
A M A Z I N G.


On the night of my birthday,Only after a few hours of hanging in Paradise trying to decide what to do, a whole bunch of us went out to a weird little club
called Eighties, which I like for some reason.

It was fun! :)

This human next to me is Rob, who we met and got to know while he was staying at our Backpackers.

He's cool. He's even cooler because we share a birthday! hahaha.

One day when I'm big I'm going to get co-ords somehow and learn how NOT to dance
like I'm at a 70's school disco, and also how to walk in heels...

...One can only hope...

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