Monday, May 17, 2010


How do I know this?
Because Chantelle and I tried it. And we failed horribly as you can tell by this little video:

After many failed attempts we eventually got it right. Ok, not really but still.

Haha. Ok so maybe Tarryn, Chantelle and I should've been watching the contest and not taking videos and photos of ourselves... But we had fun, and got some cool pictures out of it, so who cares...


Oakley Pro Junior in Port Alfred : Was quite nice for the girls to actually get good waves during a contest. I had so much fun in that little town.
Stayed with Tarryn's Grandparents. I like them.
They are rather funny :)
I don't think it's very easy looking after us, so thanks!

I didn't do too badly in the contest which was cool! Came 3rd, Same result as last year.Maybe next year it'll get better? Eeeee.
We ventured into town on Saturday night..I don't think I've ever walked so far in my life! Ran all the way to a place called The Lounge in the rain. I didn't enjoy rocking up looking like a drowned rat. But hey, it's Port Alfred. I'm quite sure that is acceptable...

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