Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cape Town - Vic Bay

I went to Cape Town in August to surf the Western Province Open. I was kind of excited to surf a contest - it had been a while, and I'd been trying to train for it. ha. I stayed in Table View with Heather, Nikita and Tash for the first few days, just to be close to the contest. 

Day 1, Friday : I arrived at Cape Town International airport at 8am. I thought that everyone else was arriving at that time too. It turned out that they were only coming at 8pm. haaa. Anyway... I got a shuttle to the accommodation with the most talkative driver in the world. It was right on the beach but it was freezing and the waves were terrible, so I spent the day reading, watching TV, and lurking next to a heater. After such a stressful day, I managed to find the energy to go on a food hunt. The mall was quite a distance away so I tried the restaurant at the accommodation, called the Blowfish. It just wasn't doing it for my high standards. I looked at a menu and realised that i could probably walk to the mall in the time I would need to answer the waiter's 1000 questions : What meat do you want? Which cut would you prefer? How many grams would you like? How would you like it done? blaah blaah and all of that rubbish. He kindly sent me away when I asked for a toasted sandwich...

 View from my room

Day 2, First day of the contest: The contest was held at Table View and the waves weren't looking too bad. I made it through my heats! :) Yay. Spent the day with Tarryn, Sarah, Faye, Chantelle and Tanika, most of the time just eating at Primi. haha. Ty came to visit :)

Day 3, Last Day of the contest: Rain, wind and hideous weather. We woke up early and had to drive through to melkbos because some rather large swell decided to come hang out. It was the most messy and hideous conditions I'd ever seen. Siesa... I was first heat of the day and I got knocked out. I only caught a proper wave with 2 minutes left in the heat. It didn't end well, but I think I learnt from it. I hope. ha.
Day 4, SSA girls training camp: Surfing South Africa organised a womens training camp for 16 of us at Sports Science. I was having a heart attack because I'd never been to Sports Science before, and everyone telling me how hard it was didnt help at all... It didnt turn out too bad, even though we got there at 8am and left at 6pm. I'd like to go again one day and hopefully do better though. 
When we finally got back, Tarryn and I tried to convince everyone to come out with us. They were being lame. haha. David took Tarryn and I out to The Shack and Mercury for Jono's birthday. It was fun :)

I spent a few days with Ty while I was in Cape Town. Ty, Jay, Simon, and Jayson were all moving into a new house in Muizenberg so I just helped them move a few things around. ha. This meant carting stuff from Simons woodstock house to Gordon's bay to store it for a few days, and then back to Muizenberg to finally move in. Missssions, but it was still cool :) They've now moved into their Muizenberg house and its amaaazing!

Driving to Gordon's Bay
Little Rex
Gordon's Bay
Gordon's Bay
Gordon's Bay
View of Muizenberg

I'd been stressing for a few days about how on earth I was going to get to Vic Bay from Cape Town for the Billabong Junior Contest. I finally made a plan, and roadtripped with Chantelle and QJ to Vic Bay. We hadn't seen eachother for a while and spoke for 4 hours straight. haha :)

The Vic Bay contest has always been one of my favourites. Its always so much fun and even though it's the smallest place in the world, you'll always find a way to keep entertained. I stayed in the Vic Bay Surf Backpackers again this year, I like staying there because it's right on the promenade and close to everyone else. I saw Morag for the first time in ages and I thought I was going to cry when I saw her I was so happy! :) 

For the contest there was some of the biggest swell I'd ever seen before. It was maaasssiiivveee. I heard a group of guys say the one wave was over 12ft. yaaay. So of course there had to be a few lay days, but luckily the swell calmed down (not really at all) on the last day so they could finish the contest. I made the final and came 3rd. I would've liked a better result, but heeey. It was still a good event...

At night, just to keep up with Vic Bay tradition, everyone got together for a few drinks and to chill. Billabong organised a little braai in the caravan park one night which was amazing - They got Jeremy Loops to come play (too good!) for an hour or two, and afterwards a group of us ended up going to Carouse. Sis. 

Ok I'm sick of rambling now. I'm sure you get by now that it was a good trip.

Vic bay still on a small day

Muizenberg at night

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