Thursday, May 5, 2011


Wow, deleting photo's is a sad, sad thing for me - it's horrible! ha. 
Not to sound lame, but every little photo that gets deleted feels like a little memory gets lost, or like I'm losing a little piece of my mind, one picture at a time. It sounds weird, but thats how I think about it. (ha, that was deep!)

I really wish I could keep every badly timed photo, all the double chins, the hard-to-make-out blurry pictures, the photobombs, the accidental button push, the embarrassing ones, and all of those random/funny/crazy/weird people you've met,with their strange stories or wild antics, that you don't always remember until you see the pictures...
BUT I am trying to make space on my laptop, and so I'm transferring photo's onto the biggest hard drive to ever exist, and if I had to try keep every single photo, I would need about 50 of these things.


On a happy smiley note, I've got my flights and accommodation booked for S.A's! Yeow! 
Something off of the list!

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