Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Obrigada, Beeshes.

ROXY INVITATIONAL 2010 - Tofinho, Mozambique:

Okkk so, Myself and 9 other females got invited to surf in the Roxy Invitational.
Flip. That trip was amazing! It was the best crew ever!

Everyone got on so well, and I've never laughed so much in my life.

Ok, it takes pretty much 2 days to get there, but the long drive is so worth it.

We didn't quite get the waves we hoped for,
but it was still really fun,
and you can't really complain when you're in such a pretty place with your friends,
just surfing
and tanning

All day. haha

Thanks so much to the Roxy crew, Tamara and Dane. You people are cool. YEOw. :)

When we weren't surfing, we played at the market almost everyday, bargaining and trying to buy things at the price they should be, not at the RIDICULOUS amount they try charge you.
(I WILL NOT PAY R150 FOR A FRIDGE MAGNET) I'm a machine at bargaining. haaaa.

On my bargaining adventures, I met some pretty interesting guys that work there. I'm quite sure every guy in Tofo is called John, and prides his little stall as being "just like Mr Price".
But there were the few odd creative guys who called themselves Johnny Cash, Big Tomato, and Mr Delicious, and uhh, John.. It's really cool seeing so many local kids stoked on surfing, even with all their broken boards and torn boardies. They don't care - as long as they're surfing, they're happy. I like that :)

I wish I could be CLEVER sometimes and think of bringing my camera charger on trips with me. I almost took my toothbrush charger with , and I completely forgot about my camera charger. Really. Like it would be TRAGIC if my electric toothbrush died and I actually had to manually move it around in circles.

ANYWAY. So ya. It would've been great to take more pictures, but I'm a big girl, and I'll be just FINE. the ones I got aren't too bad...

(Johanne getting her hair braided)

A few of the girls got braids in their hair, it was quite cute. ha. It was more entertaining watching them turn into dreads after a few surfs.

It's nice being home, but I miss all the weird little humans that I played with in mozam :)
(Group shot)

Wow, this could possibly be the most I've ever put on a post before. Stop writing, Heidi, especially because none of it really makes sense. .Stop writing. STOP. Ha. I'd actually like to write stuff here that made sense to everyone else, but I can't think of anything to say that explains my trip. I think photo's do that. They're all on Facebook.
C H U C K - I T - I N

(Faye, Kirsty, Tarryn.)


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