Thursday, April 8, 2010



This is my very first blog post, so if it doesn't make sense, or it doesnt look pretty, I apologise. Don't judge, it's only my first time!

ummm. The brain is feeling empty, so here's just a few of my favourite photo's so far. 
I bought myself a pretty little camera, and these are just some of the results!


A hibiscus at home
Meeee at Splashy Fen 2010

Roadtripping - 2009

Long Beach, Cape Town

New Zealand - Jan '10

Bingin, Bali '09

Roadtripping '10

Dirty braai grid

New Zealand - Jan 2010

Roadtripping 2010

Pre-drinks before a bonfire
Playing in the City - NZ,Jan 2010
New Zealand - Jan 2010

New Zealand - Jan 2010

Surfing Seal Point

Little baby

Supers, Jbay 2009

Roadtripping 2009
New Zealand - Jan 2010
Cape Town sunset
Shells at home

Roadtripping 2009

Roadtripping 2009)

Another Cape Town sunset

Somewhere in SA

Bluff Bonfire


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